Duranleau Legal Affairs inc. :

Civil, Corporate, and Business Lawyer

We aim to take an active part in your Business and Asset Protection.

Protection for your Business, Assets and Investment

We have expertise in order to set up your legal structure before you venture into the inherent risks of Business and Investments.

Why our team of Legal Services?

-Creative solutions, keeping in mind to protect your best interests;

-Professional Secret;

-Fixing Legal Problems upfront will likely cost less than fixing litigations;

-Insurance Protection up to 10 million $ in case of error or ommission, (we can go as high as 1G$), we never had a claim;

-We want to give you a clear understanding of your rights and obligations;

Contact us ! We aim to provide the solutions to your needs.


Legal Services

After you have the proper Legal structure in place for business, we will assist you on other Legal Aspects of your Business Transactions. If you need Legal Advice, a 3tier structure, Shareholders Agreement, Trust structures, Business Offers, Lease Option Contracts, Sales Contracts, etc., contact us !

We also offer litigation services.

Did you know that...

The New Corporate Quebec Law allows you to have a corporation without having any Canadian Resident on the Board of Directors. The Markets are changing rapidly and the World gets smaller everyday !

Very interesting Corporate set ups can be made in Canada and abroad. We have expertise in Business Law and International Law.

Civil Law and common law are two completely different Legal Systems. Civil Law applies in the Province of Quebec. Different rules of common law apply in each and all other Provinces in Canada. Take the time to consult us before you consider to send offers or negotiate transactions.


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